Price List

In three years after starting attendance to the kindergarten, children will communicate in 2 languages bilingualy:
  • English-Spanish classroom€ 860,- / month
(foreign teachers, maximum number of kids in the group is 7)
  • English-Chinese classroom€ 860,- / month
(foreign teachers, maximum number of kids in the group is 7)
  • English classroom€ 590,- / month
(to be opened only in case of sufficient interest, maximum amount of children is 9)
  • Full day menu€ 5,30 / day
(breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, drinks, fruits, milk products)
Private kindergarten Kozia 25 Bratislava, with founder MULTISOUND JAPAN s.r.o. is a part of the Ministry of education, sports and science of the Slovak republic, which means that based on law 596/2003 is relieved from paying VAT.
One time payments
  • Administratition fee€ 366,-
One time non returnable payment for covering the administartion costs of the kindergarten.
  • Advance for food€ 100,-
Upon ending the contract, this advance will be returned provided that all previous payments have been made.
Price discounts
Children till the age of 3
Parents whose child attends Espania kindergarten are entitled to a state grant for covering part of the kindergarten fee in the amount of € 280,- / month. If the child is younger than 3 years and the parent is working, or studying, they can apply for this grant in the Labour office based on law č.561/2008 Z. z.
If siblings attend Espania kindergarten, parents can request a discount for the older child in the amount of € 250,- / month. If the discount is approved, an ammendment to the contract will be signed which will discount the tuition fee for the stated amount
Price list valid from 1.7.2020