Kindergarten Espania offers complex childcare and in addition
to our educational program, on a daily basis for each child we guarantee:
  • Diapers are checked before and after each class and are changed minimum one time per hour. We supply our own diapers and all hygienic necessities for diaper change
  • Potty training – at a time agreed with parents, children that wear diapers begin to be potty trained
  • Brushing teeth after lunch/ before bedtime
  • Developing and strengthening of hygienic habits
  • Feeding children that do not eat independently or helping them finish their food if they cannot make it on their own
  • Keeping children hydrated during the day
  • Making children fall asleep according to their own habits
  • Choosing a bed that suits the child’s habits
  • Changing bedsheets one time per week
  • Teaching children to cooperate with dressing and eventually learn to dress and undress independently
  • All day teaching assistant that speaks both English and Slovak language who is available in case the child is crying, getting sick, gets injured, or just feeling uneasy


  • The adaptational process for each child is tailor made in consultation with both parents
  • One parent can stay with the child during the whole first week and make sure their child is well taken care of
  • During the first 2 days of attendance you can call reception and ask how your child is doing at anytime
  • Parents have introductory interviews with the teachers in order to meet and give precise childcare instructions to the teacher considering sleeping regime, eating, child’s character and also to ask any questions considering bilingual childcare. On this meeting teachers will also answer all questions related to bilingual childcare

Keeping parents updated

  • Daily report: every day parents receive a report by WatsApp that includes all topics children have studied during the day, time outside, sleeping and daily menu
  • Weekly newsletters that the parent receives by email that summarize the previous week and introduce the next one
  • Open lessons – organised on Saturdays when parents can see the children communicating in all languages they learn as well as the progress made in individual subjects
  • All teachers and employees at the kindergarten have their own name plate near the entrance door with their credentials
  • On the reception parents can get information about:

    - Substitutions
    - Trips, events and external sports activities
    - Changes in schedule
    - Public holidays working regime
    - Arrange meetings with the teachers and kindergarten director

Food and dining

  • Our kindergarten offers only healthy food choices that provide our children with enough vitamins, fibre and minerals by using carefully chosen fresh ingredients. Children can enjoy breakfast and lunch in a buffet style and in between they have more snacks and drinking breaks. We are employing a full-time food manager that compiles the menu, prepares the buffet, buys fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The food for the children is served on a height where children can see the food and choose what they want to eat. In this way each child can choose food according their current energetic and digestive needs which leads children towards respecting and listening to their bodies.
  • Breakfast/ Brunch/ Afternoon Snack
    Our kindergarten provides warm or cold choices in the breakfast buffet that include fresh pastry, cereals, spreads, cheeses, yogurts, milk and freshly ¨ squeezed juices. Brunch is always fresh fruit or a fruit salad. Afternoon snack is in the form or energetic delicacies like pudding, poultry, home-made cakes, pancakes, vegetables with homemade spreads etc.
  • Lunch/ Dinner
    For lunch, children have a soup, salad and a choice of two main dishes among which one is vegetarian and one with meat/ fish. Children are served veal, turkey, rabbit and, minimum once per week, fish.

    Dinner is served in the form of a cold home-made snack, such as a cake or pastry combined with spreads, fruits and vegetables.

    We are the first kindergarten that doesn’t serve chicken or pork meat:
    Due to the long term decreased quality of the chicken and pork meat making it hard to control the origin or the meat we have decided to supplement it with high quality fish, veal, rabbit or turkey meat.
  • Dining etiquette
    We are teaching the children how to eat and behave during eating, how to serve specific foods, how to use cutlery or chopsticks and the importance of trying our different foods that are specific for different countries. Our food and water are served only in ceramic cups and dishes. We use only sea salt and cane sugar or honey.