In addition to our curriculum taught by our foreign teachers, our program also includes Music & Sports lessons held by professionals in the specific field. This year our program includes gymnastics and sports aerobics from sports and Violoncello and Flute from music lessons. One of the highly prized lessons are Slovak language lessons for children preparing for entry to the elementary schools or internatinoal schools in Bratislava.
Sports Lessons
Every January, Espania attends non compulsory skating course in which children learn the basics of ice skating while also developing coordination, that they can later use for other sports. Children can start this sport from the age of four, when it benefits the most. Another selectable activity is organiyed In May, when we regularly attend a swimming course from the age of three. Under the supervision of professionals, children learn to swim and it helps to improve their overall health and physical condition.
Music Lessons
Espania Kindergarten provides amazing opportunity for gifted children to enroll your child in a chess club that takes place on our premises. This course is provided by the official Chess Academy of Bratislava. Children can attend this course from the age of four.

Kid genius - mental arithmetic club, is one of the most popular clubs, selected by parents of children from the age of four. The aim of this course is to awaken the child´s mental abilities in a fun, playful way. The program is based on three key things: abacus counting, mental arithmetic and didactic games.