Magician show
  • Talostan, Peter Šesták
  • Šašo Ľuboš, Klaun Adyno
Children´s Comedians
  • Jongleur Belovič, Mr. Bubble, Show de Tom, Animators Funny Dance
Concerts for kids
  • Johann Strauss Trio, Mia Králová
Theaters and others
  • Bum Bac, Svetielko, Babadlo, Jaja, Neline, Knight Gaston, Spherical cinema, Planetarium
Hawkers performance – Falconiarii
  • A unique performance in which the hawkers present wild birds and talk about the highlights of the birds’ lives.
  • The children have the opportunity to meet birds of prey including: eagles, falcons and owls.
Meet the Animals
  • An interactive lecture about animals living in Slovakia’s wilderness – on fields, in the forest and in the water.
  • Children learn interesting animal facts such as: how they live, how they typically behave, and what they eat.
  • Children will meet and greet with various animals such as: a squirrel, vole, rat, mouse, hedgehog, snake, frog or lizard.
  • Under the supervision of the invited expert, the children can observe the animals and be given the opportunity to pet some selected animals.
Dancing Dog
  • This funny and cute performance is led by an instructor named Monika Krajčírová, in which she brings a specially trained dog to the kindergarten.
  • This dog demonstrates different dancing tricks and brings positive energy and love to the children.
  • On special days like The International Children´s Day, we invite ponies to our kindergarten.
  • These beautiful animals are very popular among children.
  • Under the supervision of experts, the children can comb the ponies’ hair, feed them, and also ride them right in the yard of the kindergarten.