Workshop in Bon Manufaktur
  • Bon Manufaktur is a factory in which they produce original, handmade and healthy sweets.
  • Children have the opportunity to see a unique candy show where they can take a look into the process of candy mass production. .
  • The workshop also includes a lollipop tutorial where children create their own lollipops.
Bloom Design Arrangement Workshop
  • This arrangement workshop gives children the opportunity to handmake a wonderful gift for parents or siblings, and they also learn simple arranging techniques.
  • This workshop helps children to create a relationship between art and handmade formations, as well as helping to improve their fine motor skills.
Cirkus-kus's Circus Workshop
  • A funny workshop, which teaches children simple circus tricks and improves their coordination of movements and physical condition.
  • The workshop is accompanied by an eye-catching performance of circus trapeze artists, who bring the circus atmosphere into the kindergarten and among the children.
Hula Dancing Workshop
  • This unique dancing workshop offers insight into the Hawaiian culture. Through dancing, the children learn interesting and fun facts about the history of Hawaii.
  • This workshop is led by experts who have dedicated their learning to Hula for many years and represent Slovakia in various European competitions.
  • Hula dancers express Hawaiian stories through movements while singing songs. The combination of these activities helps to engage several cognitive functions.
  • The workshop is adapted to meet the children´s age and it progresses in a playful form.
  • Special costumes take the children’s minds out of the kindergarten and onto a sunny Hawaiian beach, all while helping them learn the basics of the Hula dance.
SEWA’s Ecological Workshop
  • SEWA’s Ecological Workshop teaches children about the environmental consequences of waste, as well as how to properly sort waste through an interactive and entertaining class.
  • The children are invited to wear animal masks in order to help “get into their skin” in interesting activities about ecology.
  • Thanks to this original program for nursery schools, even the smallest kids get to know the importance of protecting the environment and animals while having a lot of fun.
George’s Scientific Workshop
  • George’s Scientific Workshop is an educational workshop where children have the opportunity to learn about and experiment with chemistry.
  • By using simple experiments (exploding a pumpkin, discoloration of ketchup or insulation of natural colors), children learn about basic chemical reactions in a playful way.
  • Scientists from the George company will bring scientific equipment and special jackets for the children. Under their supervision, our small scientists can discover the fascinating world of chemistry.
Musical Workshop: “From the Earth to the Moon”
  • An interactive workshop in which the children get to learn about unusual musical instruments like the kalimba, didgeridoo, hang, drumbla and others.
  • The children can test out and play these instruments, while also learning interesting facts about their origin.
Bee Farm by Milan Kozický
  • Mr. Milan Kozický is a beekeeper, who leads expert lectures at schools and in kindergartens, where he teaches children about how bees live and work.
  • In addition to theory, he also brings insight about the practice of beekeeping and presents one of his own bee farms.
  • Kids can watch bees in the comfort of the kindergarten and they are given the chance to taste different kinds of honey bees produce.