Opening Hours - Kindergarten

Monday – Friday 7:00 - 18:00

English - Spanish - Chinese
Kindergarten registered in the network of schools of the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic

& academics


Diapers are checked before
and after each class and are changed
minimum one time per hour. We supply our
own diapers and all hygienic necessities
for diaper change

Potty training – at a time
agreed with parents, children that
wear diapers begin to be potty trained.

Brushing teeth
after lunch/ before bedtime.
Developing and strengthening of
hygienic habits.

Feeding children that do not eat
independently or helping them finish their
food if they cannot make it on their own.

Keeping children hydrated
during the day.

Making children fall asleep according
to their own habits.

Choosing a bed that suits the child’s habits.

Changing bedsheets one time per week.

Teaching children to cooperate
with dressing and eventually
learn to dress and undress independently.

All day teaching assistant that speaks
both English and Slovak language who
is available in case the child is crying, getting
sick, gets injured, or just feeling uneasy.


We use our beautifuly designed thematic classrooms to teach our young students the basics of natural and human science. Our suitable teaching environment combined with the innovative approach of our teachers assures that our students develop natural love for subjects such as mathematics, biology, geography and social sciences, giving him or her an academic advantage which will be noticable during his primary school years.

Together with the academic subjects taught by our foreign teachers, we also offer specialized art and sport lessons as part of the Espania curriculum.

Our offer includes gymnastics, aerobics, ice skating, swimming, flute and violoncello lessons and all extra subjects are presented by our proffesional music and sport teachers.

For our foreign children we offer Slovak lessons in order to teach them basic Slovak for their future education in Slovak or International Schools.

We further offer the opportunity to join chess or aritmetic club for children who show interest.


Daily report / information for parents: Every day parents receive personalized report from teacher that includes all topics children have studied during the day, time outside, sleeping and daily menu.

Open lessons: Open lessons ar organised on Saturdays where each parents can see theirr children communicating in all languages they learn as well as the progress made in individual subjects.

Weekly reports: Parent receive a summary of the previous week and an introduction to the next one. This summary is emailed to parents on a weekly basis.

Daily report
We are already last applications for the school year 2023/2024. Admissions is on space-available basis,which is limited.
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