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Events, Workshops and Outings

Exciting events for our little explorers

Every week we prepare a different program for children, which is entertaining or educational. The program takes place either directly in the kindergarten or we participate in the program in various places. If the weather is nice, we go on nature trips, to the park or to the Zoo. We often visit children´s theaters, exhibitions, galleries, concerts and other interesting places for children.

The programs that take place in the kindergarten include cooperation with several artists, such as magicians, clowns, jugglers, bubble-makers, singers, puppet theaters, workshops (dancing, creative, environmental),

facepainting and others. In addition to this, we prepare special programs for Easter, Children´s International Day, Halloween, and Christmas. Another important part of the program are carnivals – one to celebrate Shrovetide and the second to celebrate Halloween. As well, every year in December, we organize a Christmas show for parents, where the children present the program they have prepared with their teachers. After the Christmas show we organize a pyjama party, where the children and staff wear pajamas for the whole day to create a relaxed and funny atmosphere. For more information about the program in the kindergarten, please see the individual sections.

You can see more of our adventure events in the gallery.

Special Days


An inseparable part of the program in our kindergarten is a carnival full of costumes and masks. Each year, we prepare various activities and a children´s dance party. Part of the carnival program is also a funny performance by some of the artists who cooperate with us. The list of artists can be found in the section “Programs in the Kindergarten”.


On this special day, we prepare a program full of games and fun. Part of this program is either the performance of any of our artists, a dancing workshop or a special appearance by ponies. In addition to this, we have a bouncy castle available where the kids can play throughout the whole day.


In the spirit of Halloween, we celebrate this carnival with scary and fun children’s costumes. Every year, we prepare a variety of games which invoke children´s curiosity and engage their imagination. From previous years, some popular games included: a ghost hunt, a mystery game and pumpkin mini-golf. One of our traditional activities for Halloween parties is pumpkin carving. Under the guidance of a teacher, the children can decorate their own jack-o-lanterns.

Involving parents


Two times a year we organize an open lesson for the parents, in which the children present what they have learned. In addition to their acquired knowledge, the parents can also see the interaction of their child with their classmates, the relationship of the teachers to the children and how he or she works with them.


Every year in December, we organize a Christmas show. Teachers prepare a diverse program with their classes for parents. The program includes singing, dancing or theater performances presented by our little ones.


On the occasion of these special days, we organize a creative workshop. Under the guidance of a teacher, parents can create an unforgettable memory with their children in the form of a handmade gift



Bon Manufaktur is a factory in which they produce original, handmade and healthy sweets.

Children have the opportunity to see a unique candy show where they can take a look into the process of candy mass production.

The workshop also includes a lollipop tutorial where children create their own lollipops.


This arrangement workshop gives children the opportunity to handmake a wonderful gift for parents or siblings, and they also learn simple arranging techniques.

This workshop helps children to create a relationship between art and handmade formations, as well as helping to improve their fine motor skills.


A funny workshop, which teaches children simple circus tricks and improves their coordination of movements and physical condition.

The workshop is accompanied by an eye-catching performance of circus trapeze artists, who bring the circus atmosphere into the kindergarten and among the children.


This unique dancing workshop offers insight into the Hawaiian culture. Through dancing, the children learn interesting and fun facts about the history of Hawaii.

This workshop is led by experts who have dedicated their learning to Hula for many years and represent Slovakia in various European competitions.

Hula dancers express Hawaiian stories through movements while singing songs. The combination of these activities helps to engage several cognitive functions.

The workshop is adapted to meet the children´s age and it progresses in a playful form.

Special costumes take the children’s minds out of the kindergarten and onto a sunny Hawaiian beach, all while helping them learn the basics of the Hula dance.


SEWA’s Ecological Workshop teaches children about the environmental consequences of waste, as well as how to properly sort waste through an interactive and entertaining class.

The children are invited to wear animal masks in order to help “get into their skin” in interesting activities about ecology.

Thanks to this original program for nursery schools, even the smallest kids get to know the importance of protecting the environment and animals while having a lot of fun.


George’s Scientific Workshop is an educational workshop where children have the opportunity to learn about and experiment with chemistry.

By using simple experiments (exploding a pumpkin, discoloration of ketchup or insulation of natural colors), children learn about basic chemical reactions in a playful way.

Scientists from the George company will bring scientific equipment and special jackets for the children. Under their supervision, our small scientists can discover the fascinating world of chemistry.


An interactive workshop in which the children get to learn about unusual musical instruments like the kalimba, didgeridoo, hang, drumbla and others.

The children can test out and play these instruments, while also learning interesting facts about their origin.


Mr. Milan Kozický is a beekeeper, who leads expert lectures at schools and in kindergartens, where he teaches children about how bees live and work.

In addition to theory, he also brings insight about the practice of beekeeping and presents one of his own bee farms.

Kids can watch bees in the comfort of the kindergarten and they are given the chance to taste different kinds of honey bees produce.

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