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Professional Sports training

This year Espania´s professional sports program includes gymnastics and sports aerobics.

Alexandra Pokorna, our own sports teacher completed her studies in fitness performance (elite sport) from the Commenius University in Bratislava (Faculty of Education and Sport). She has been practicing gymnastics for the last 16 years and was a part of the representation team of the Slovak Republic. She further attended the European and World Championships and is currently teaching gymnastics in Bratislava. She is also the main coach of aerial acrobatics in Austria.

Professional Music Lessons

Children from the age of 4 attend proffesional music lessons.

Marianna Porvažníková, our pffesional music teacher, completed her music education (playing transverse flute) from the Music Conservatory in Bratislava.

Marianna is currently completing her qualification at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Musical education and playing musical instrument offers considerable benefits in the development of children’s fine motor skills and aesthetic sensations.

Chess Club and Kid Genius

As part of the kindergarten’s program, you also have the opportunity to enroll your child in a chess club that takes place on our premises. This course is provided by the Chess Academy. Children can attend this course from the age of four.

Another course that takes place on our premises is one of mental arithmetic – Kid Genius. The aim of this course is to awaken the child´s mental abilities in a fun, playful way. The program is based on three key things: abacus counting, mental arithmetic and didactic games. This course can be taken from the age of four.

Slovak lessons

We offer Slovak language lessons with native Slovak Elementary School teacher which serve as a qualified preparation for elementary school programs.

Skating course

Every January, we attend a skating course at the Ondrej Nepela Ice Stadium. In this course, children learn the basics of ice skating while also developing coordination that they can later use for other sports. Children can start this sport from the age of four, when it benefits the most.

Swimming course

In May, we regularly attend a swimming course for children from age of three. Under the supervision of professionals, children learn to swim and it helps to improve their overall health and physical condition.

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