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Unlike traditional language kindergartens which are based on the conventional concept of foreign language teaching, in Espania we follow a form of teaching to achieve "acquired" linguistic skills, which is more natural and effective for a child.

Thus, learning a foreign language does not become the main goal, but rather a tool for teaching. This tool serves as the standard means of communication in the whole spectrum of activities in the kindergarten. May it be inside classrooms or on an event outside of the kindergarten, teaching in the foreign language takes place naturally all under the guidance of professional teachers and native speakers.


As the first and only kindergarten of its kind in Slovakia, Espania gives parents the opportunity to prepare their children for the high demands of the modern education system. Due to Espania's academically challenging program, this preparation is at world class level. Your child will gain a valuable knowledge advantage, which will open his or her doors to the most prestigious educational institutions. Our international team of teachers helps create a cosmopolitan atmosphere in the classrooms while encouraging their students to have an open mind , natural respect and appreciation for world cultures.

Our academic program consisting of mathematics, robotics or social sciences lessons can give the impression that it may overstimulate children. On the contrary, Espania’s academic program is carefully designed to be not only attractive for the young minds but also adapted to the individual levels of our children and thus encouraging natural love for learning.


Due to the low number of students in our groups (max. seven in one group) and the authentic form of teaching based on the philosophy of "learning through play", the relationships dynamics between the child and the teacher are more relaxed and personal. Children can thus directly participate in the creation of the content for their future lessons which in return encourages their natural love for learning.

Even though we put a lot of emphasis on the high level of education we provide, we also make sure that all teaching takes place through play, which can be seen in our playfully designed classrooms. In this way we can guarantee that our children leave the kindergarten everyday with excitement and encouragement to discover new things around them.

Espania is successfully encouraging children to discover the world around them without any geographical and cultural boundaries.


The best start in life you can offer your child begins with a quality comprehensive education in languages ​​that are key to the world economy. This education is an essential building block for a life full of opportunities where ambitions have no limits.

Espania is a multilingual private kindergarten with a sophisticated educational program offered in English, Spanish and Chinese. Our program captures the child's individual artistic, academic and sports talents, develops his creativity, critical thinking, social and environmental responsibility.

We are already last applications for the school year 2023/2024. Admissions is on space-available basis,which is limited.
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