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A multilingual preschooler has a better start in life

Basic English that your child can use while playing with his toys is no longer enough.  The best kindergartens around the world are offering carefully selected multilingual education with languages which, according to research, play a major role in the constantly changing global world. Parents are offered an array  of multilingual education for their children, from as soon as kindergarten level, ensuring their prodigy has the upper hand in life when it comes to linguistics and communication. It is vital that children are offered this educational opportunity from  kindergarten age, an age when their brains are ready to learn new languages quickly and effectively.

One of the current trends among multilingual kindergartens is Chinese. Although this language may still sound exotic and distant to the local Slovak people, there is a growing group of forward-thinking parents who want their children to learn Chinese - something that yields enormous benefits. After all, every 6th person on the planet speaks Chinese, and the advantage of your child's ability to communicate in this widely-spoken language therefore offers a lifetime of possibilities. The Chinese language consists of a specific linguistic system which often appears as an unsolvable riddle to us adults, however young children possess the ability to decode this language efficiently and fast.


Chinese is the new English

Chinese is the new English

While the previous generation of parents focused on English language and their children's ability to learn it, today it is relatively difficult to impress anyone by speaking English, the proverbial universal language. Over the years, the ability to speak  English transformed from a benefit to an expected standard. With  ever-growing globalization and increased opportunities for international business, multilingualism has become an essential skill for a successful career. Once Chinese becomes part of the expected global language repertoire, should your child be fluent, there won't be any doors that will close in front of him or her.

Leaders start their careers from diaper-wearing age

The old school belief that teaching a young child many languages results in confusion and mental stagnation has been proven to be a myth by many psychologists. On the contrary, it has been shown that consistent, high quality multilingual education is most effective in  young age, when the child’s brain neurons make their first established connections.

In the early childhood years, children are able to understand principles of diametrically different linguistic systems and adapt them permanently with little effort. The result of this is a perfectly functioning information highway that children build, instead of sporadic neural pathways. This information highway will not only expand the child’s flow of knowledge but also significantly tunes its cognitive abilities.

Therefore the statement that ‘future world leaders start their careers when they were in diapers,’ is definitely not an exaggeration.

Chinese as an universal teaching aid

The reason why more and more multilingual kindergartens are adding Chinese to the curriculum, is not just based on pragmatism. Beside the fact that Chinese is the most used language in the world, it can be used as an essential teaching aid. Due to its specific grammatical rules, learning Chinese helps improve math skills, creative thinking, coordination of movements and singing.

Chinese consists of more than 20,000 symbols, but only 2,500 of them are repeated in 98 percent of the texts,o, even with a tenth of vocabulary, you can be a master of the language and be able to read, for example, Chinese newspapers. 

For Chinese, in addition to visual symbols, the correct intonation is also essential. No wonder Chinese is referred to as tonal language. When learning or using English, a child needs to switch between the right and left brain hemispheres, whereas with Chinese, learning and use of the language involves the use of several brain areas at once.

The simultaneous reception of visual-musical stimuli that a child receives while learning Chinese strengthens the cooperation of his senses, and the result is a child who is more prepared for multitasking and complex problem solving.

Better at singing or mathematics

A study from San Diego confirmed that children who learn Chinese from early childhood have a stronger ability to interpret sounds and become more capable singers. The activity of distinguishing the nuances of meaning in Chinese characters is an invaluable training in visual communication.  

Unlike conventional writing from left to right, Chinese is written in all directions

and requires the precision of traction and hand pressure at all times. This is an excellent way for a child to practice fine motor skills and spatial perception. A peculiarity of Chinese language is also the representation of numbers, something that is completely different from the classical Arabic notation -simpler, easier to remember and with clear logical rules. This stimulates specific parts of the brain responsible for analytical thinking. Learning Chinese therefore offers a child a full package of knowledge, from music and drawing to counting and problem solving, all while still learning the language itself.

A well-balanced use of both hemispheres is the best basis for increasing a child's IQ as well as his emotional intelligence, something which has been rightly gaining a lot of focus and importance of late. 

Private tutor? The Internet? There is a better solution.

If you wish to gain the most from learning Chinese, think about continuity along with excellent lectors. One of the smartest options is to enroll your child into a multilingual kindergarten. 

First and so far the only kindergarten offering multilingual education in the Slovak Republic is the private kindergarten Espania. Espania is located in Bratislava, Old Town and has been in operation for 10 years. 

Along with offering subjects taught in 3 different languages, namely English, Spanish and Chinese, by experienced foreign teachers, Espania is extremely proud of its spacious, themed classrooms. Espania is further known for its superior curriculums, with a main focus on science, art and sport. All of these offerings are enriched with a caring approach to the individual needs of each child. Espania is strict on its student teacher ratio of 1 native speaker to 7 students. 

Come and get to know Espania, its benefits and its ability to help your child not only find happiness during his kindergarten years, but also get ahead of his peers. At Espania, every game has a deeper meaning. 

Best of all, you do not have to wait for enrollment deadlines! As one of the best private multilingual kindergartens in Slovakia, we will accommodate your and your child’s needs. You can decide when you would like to enroll your child and we will adapt to you. 

Make a personal appointment or speak to us via video call to find out what is the best for your child's optimal growth and personal development.

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