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The first kindergarten that develops 8 types of intelligence in children

Did you know that  IQ scores only account for 20 percent of a person's success? 


There are 8 types of intelligence and the earlier you introduce these types to your children, the sooner you can discover and develop their natural talents. 


Ideally, this could take place as early as the kindergarten years, where your child gets introduced to the complex world we live in. You are probably thinking, it's never too early to start, right? 


Parenting these days is hard enough, without even mentioning the choice of educational institutions for your children. Today's parents are swimming in a world of choices including the popular Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio. Espania however, is somehow different and stands out from the crowd. 


You’re probably  asking why? Firstly, Espania’s main goal is to create a concept that combines all contemporary educational trends into one. This concept therefore not only focuses on one educational methodology and belief system, but is flexible enough to combine the best aspects of all three. For parents who do not want to compromise on their child’s early learning years, Espania is the answer. 


The core of Espania is to escape the profiles of a typical modern educational institution,and to pay attention to producing an exceptional curriculum.Their out-of-the-box curriculum's main goal is to celebrate the uniqueness of each child.  Espania strongly believes that this approach brings each child new stimulating experiences, new knowledge and excitement. 


Espania’s educational program is inspired by Harwards professor Howard Garden’s multi intelligence theory. According to Garden, standard IQ tests are not enough to prove someone's intelligence, and in fact he claims that we are born with 8 types of intelligence which we nurture from birth. He stressed that we need each type in a different setting, but to live a fulfilling life, we need all of them. If a child is given the opportunity to improve each type of intelligence, this child is scoring twice - receiving the essential universal knowledge and general views while gaining the ability to recognise what he or she enjoys the most. The child’s ability to recognise his talents and points of interest will enable him or her to develop his skills and talents and exceed in the field in the future. Espania believes that by following the theory of multi intelligence, it offers its students the best starting line for future success. 

Let's discuss each of the intelligence type.

  1. Linguistic-verbal intelligence

Espania is a multilingual kindergarten employing experienced teachers from all over the world. 

Espanias students get the opportunity to study all subjects in english, spanish and chinese. Chinese in particular is widely believed to be a foreign language which you need to introduce to your children from a young age, as it is very difficult to learn when children grow older. 

Children with an excessively developed linguistic-verbal intelligence have a strong base to become successful leaders, diplomats or writers. 


  1. Logical-mathematical intelligence

At Espania, math classes are not about boring mathematical figures but are rather based on analytical thinking and fun, challenging activities. We believe that through the challenging math activities that we introduce to our three-year old number enthusiasts, they will, without a doubt, one day become successful scientists, technicians or engineers. 

  1. Sound-musical intelligence 

At Espania, we encourage our students to play musical instruments from a young age and offer flute and violoncello lessons under the guidance of professional music teachers. It is well known that music lessons have a positive influence on the development of a child's creativity, interpretation skills and the ability to recognise melodies and different rhythms. 

If our young students find themselves amazed during their music lessons, they have a good chance of becoming successful music artists who can use their creative skills in the musical industry. 

  1. Motor intelligence 

At Espania, the development of motor intelligence in our young students is a high priority. 

Along with our extramural sport lessons such as swimming, gymnastics, yoga or ice skating classes, we make sure that sport is part of our student’s everyday routine. We often combine sport with mathematics to challenge our students even more. 


One example of combining physical exercise with mathematics is allowing our students to find numbers around the room,motivating them to move while learning.


  1. Visual-spatial intelligence

Forget about the old type of classical austere classrooms from your childhood. Today's modern trends call for transformation of classrooms into children playgrounds filled with playful props and interactive spatial elements. Espania is a prime example of following these latest trends and has 10 carefully designed themed classrooms. In these themed classrooms, the teachers have the opportunity to transform each lesson into an adventure. 

  1. Internal (emotional ) intelligence

We believe that before our students can understand the world around them, they need to firstly understand themselves. The impressively low student\teacher ratio allows Espania to pay attention to every child's individuality. Espania has the lowest student teacher ratio in the Slovak Republic and believes this factor is the key for their students’ optimal development and growth. With the small groups of 7 students per class, we allow our children the required space for self realization. 

  1. Social Intelligence 

At Espania, our children share much more than their toys. Our students are mostly from international families, which allows them to share their different views on the world with their peers. Our international teachers are a strong contribution in creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere which develops our young students' natural tolerance and respect towards different cultures and nationalities. We believe that this environment is ideal for the development of young students' communication skills, which cannot be achieved solely through the use of Google or other modern applications. Our students’ everyday contact with their friends helps them develop their social skills and helps them receive lessons of tolerance and natural empathy. 


  1. Nature intelligence

At Espania we believe in teaching our students the knowledge of live and inanimate nature and we have many ways to do so, including zoo trips, visits to animal fanciers, lessons about healthy food delivered from local farms, and practical lessons about recycling. Even a complex topic of sustainability can be presented in a fun and playful way which will encourage children to protect nature and see this as a fun activity rather than a mere responsibility. 

Success starts with  quality education. 

Your child's successful future depends on the decisions you make today. You do not have to wait until autumn, or adapt to registration dates in order to sign your child at Espania. 

Espania will be more than happy to adapt to your starting date that you feel suits your child’s needs. 


Our space is limited so don’t delay and contact us today at


We look forward to taking the next step with you towards your child’s future success.


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